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Park FAQs

What items are visitors allowed to bring into the park?
Feel free to bring in paper/infant bags, strollers, wheelchairs/scooters, and service dogs/animals (no other animals allowed).

What items are visitors not allowed to bring into the park?
At the Field Station we ask that you not enter the park with any backpacks, large coolers, or guns.

Can I bring in food?
Food is not allowed into the Field Station, but you can enjoy your family picnic meal in our Picnic Area in the Base Camp, just outside the gate. We do not have storage for coolers and bags, so those will need to stay in your vehicle until you plan to dine.

Is food available for sale in the park?
Yes, we have a concessions area with a variety of food options including sandwiches, candy, popsicles, soda, water, and sports drinks.

Does the snack bar take debit/credit cards?
Yes, we accept all major credit cards except American Express.

Is parking free?
Yes, there is a large parking lot just south of the park, behind the QuikTrip and Trax Express Carwash on the corner of Patriot and Rock Rd.

Is there handicap parking?
Yes, we have handicap parking conveniently located near the front gate of the park. We also have a roundabout for easy drop offs and pick ups.

Is there stroller parking? Are there strollers for rent?
Yes, we have stroller parking, and strollers can be rented for $5 each at the Box Office.

Can you rent wheelchairs?
Yes, there are wheelchairs available to rent for $10 each. Please leave us with a valid I.D. while you’re at the park.

Are there lockers available for rent?
Not right now.

Are there family changing rooms?
Yes, at each of the three restrooms.

Is there a lost and found for items, and a lost child station?
Yes, you can find both at the Box Office.

How long does it take to go through the park? How many hours should I plan for?
To get the most out of your Day Pass, visitors should plan on at least three hours to take in all the live shows, and to see all the dinosaurs. (download park map)

Are the walkways paved? What kind of shoes do you recommend?
Some areas are paved. The paths are a solidified aggregate so we recommend wearing outdoor, hiking style tennis shoes or sandals.

Are there covered shady areas or air-conditioned areas? How about misters?
Yes, there are covered shady areas, including a huge covered picnic table area next to The Canteen. The Yurt is an air-conditioned area available for season ticket holders to go inside and take a break. And there are two misting stations, one at the Picnic Tent in the Base Camp and one in the Family Camp.

Is there free wifi available
No, but stay tuned!

Is there a charging station for phones?
Not at this time.

Is there security staff on site?
There is not security at the Field Station.

Do you have a Gift Shop to purchase souvenirs?
Yes, our Tricera-Shops is located at the exit of the park and is the only place where authentic Field Station: Dinosaurs merchandise is available.

Do you sell sunscreen at the park?
Yes, at Tricera-Shops.

Are there refunds for bad weather?
Field Station: Dinosaurs remains open even if it rains, so refunds are not available. However, visitors who brave the weather will be given a complimentary poncho inside the park.

Is there a severe weather shelter/plan?
In the case of severe weather, we will direct all visitors to exit the park.

Do you host large groups, special events and parties?
Yes, we love groups, special events, and parties! Just call us at 855.833.3466 to help plan and cater your party, group or event! Or click here to learn more.

Tickets & Activities FAQs

What are the Live Shows that are included in the Day Pass?
All of our over 30 shows each day are included in the Day Pass except the Paleo Lab.

How long are the Live Shows?
Our shows are between 15 and 20 minutes long.

Where are the Live Shows located in the park?
Click here for a park map that lists all of our shows, including their locations!

Is there re-entry? Can I come and go?
Yes, you are more than welcome to come and go from the park with your day or season pass! Leave for lunch, or head down the street to Rock River Rapids and get $1 off your ticket with your Field Station ticket. Then, come back and see us for the rest of the live shows, tee off at Jurassic Golf, or complete the Challenge Dome ropes course!

Is there a bulk ticket discount?
We do not have a bulk ticket purchase program at this time, though groups are welcome! Visit our Groups page for more information.

How do I turn my credentials into a Seasons Pass?
You can upgrade your Day Pass to a Season Pass at any time by visiting our Box Office. Just pay the difference between the Day Pass and Season Pass, and you’ll automatically have a Season Pass for the remainder of the season!

What is the Paleontologists’ Laboratory?
Junior Bone hunters and emerging young paleontologists dig for actual fossils from the age of the dinosaurs and take home their own Mesozoic discovery in a souvenir pouch.

What is the Challenge Dome?
We’re proud to have right here at Field Station: Dinosaurs Kansas the only challenge concept in North America that combines a challenge course with a geodesic dome! With the dome’s unusual shape and series of aerial features for both high-level and low-level activities, all under the same roof, our dome is helping reshape the future of challenge courses!

When is the Challenge Dome Open, and how much does it cost?
The Challenge Dome is open 6pm-9pm Thursday through Saturday and costs $7.

Does the Challenge Dome have height requirements?
Yes, you must be 48″ tall for the high course with a 72″ reach requirement.

What is Jurassic Golf? (or, how is it different than standard miniature golf?
Journey through a world of geologic challenges as you conquer waterfalls and rock structures on your way to 18 challenging holes of fun!

When is Jurassic Golf open?
Tuesday through Saturday 10am to 6pm

Can I do the Challenge Dome ropes course or play Jurassic Golf without buying a Day Pass?
Yes! You can take on the Challenge Dome, or try your hand at Jurassic Golf, and pay just for those activities. In between, bring your own picnic and relax in our covered picnic area.

Birthday Party FAQs

What is the maximum amount of people I can have at a party?
Being a 14 acre park, we do not have a limit.

Can we bring decorations into the park?
No, not into the park, but yes, into our Base Camp where the Picnic Tent is and where your party will be held.

Can I bring my own cake?
We allow cakes to be brought in for birthday parties, or as an option we can supply the cake for you. Please inquire!

Can I bring in food?
Food is not allowed in the park but is allowed in the Picnic Tent where your event will be held. Coolers and picnic bags must remain in your vehicle until the start of your party.

Some of my party guests have severe allergies, may I bring my own cake/food?
Yes, you may bring your own food into the Picnic Area located at our Base Camp, but not in the park.

Can we bring coolers into the party?
Yes, into the Picnic Tent where your party will be, but not into the park. All coolers and picnic bags must remain in your vehicle until the start of your party.

What is the party favor?
The party favor is a dinosaur plush toy. You are welcome to bring additional items for your guests.

Does Field Station: Dinosaurs provide paper plates, napkins and cutlery?
For an additional fee, we DO provide these items. However, feel free to bring your own if you wish.

If I do not purchase a party package but only purchase admission tickets, may I bring in my own cake?
No. Without a birthday reservation through Field Station: Dinosaurs, we do not permit cakes, party decorations, etc. to be brought to the park.

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The park is open rain or shine, and closed on Mondays unless noted.

Summer Season
May 26 – Sept. 14
Tuesdays through Sundays from 10am to 6pm

Open Independence Day (July 4) and Labor Day (Sept. 3)

Fall Season
Sept. 15 – Nov. 25
Saturdays & Sundays only from 10am to 5pm

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