Dinosaurs Just Got Scarier

Dinosaurs After Dark

Fridays and Saturdays in October

There have been reports of paranormal activity at the Field Station and it’s up to our young explorers to hunt for what’s causing all the mischief.

Every 10 minutes – beginning at 7:10 pm and ending at 8:30 pm – guests will explore the darkened trail and encounter some of the most recognizable movie monsters of all time, all while trying to find the source of paranormal activity happening at the Field Station. It’s a spooky-not-scary, fun filled night of songs, activities and even some take home treats!


After popular demand, we’re bringing back Pay Your Age pricing for Dinosaurs After Dark with a $12 maximum for non-members and a $10 maximum for members.



If I purchased a Day Pass earlier in the day, do I have to purchase a Dinosaurs After Dark ticket?
Yes. Dinosaurs After Dark is a separate, premium event and requires an additional ticket purchase. Ticket sales are done at the door each night of the event and is not available online.

When do ticket sales end each night?
Ticket sales will end each night at 8:15 pm.

Do we need to bring our own flashlights since this event takes place at night?
No, Field Station: Dinosaurs will provide a flashlight to all guests. Our team will take precautions to ensure all flashlights have been disinfected after each use. The trails will also have lanterns lining the path.

Is this event scary? Can I bring my young children?
Our goal is to make this a “spooky, not scary” event for younger children. We have added some smaller encounters along the trail tour this year, but it’s intended to surprise and not scare. This event is intended to be enjoyed by all ages!

Can I purchase tickets prior to the event?
No. Since the price for children is “Pay Your Age” all tickets must be purchased at the door.

Oct. 1st – 30th

Fridays & Saturdays

Pay Your Age!

$12/person max (Non-Members)
$10/person max (Members)

Tickets at Box Office Only
Ticket Sales End at 8:15pm each night

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