How do you put a dinosaur to bed?



Bedtime at Field Station: Dinosaurs!

How do you put a T-rex to bed? Wear your PJ’s, bring your favorite stuffed animal and help us put our Mighty T-Rex to sleep!

July 9 – August 8th
6 pm to 8 pm

Thursday – Saturday

$12 for all ages*
Ages 1 & under free

*Good for Bedtime hours only (6-8pm Thurs, Fri & Sat). If you purchased a Day Pass and visited that day, it’s good for Bedtime, too! Not valid with any other offers or promotions.

Activities & Shows


Come and Go Activity From 6-7

Grab a pillow and blanket – it’s story time! We’re checking out some classic jurassic storybooks from the Field Station’s library and you never never know what’s next. Each story comes to life against the panoramic backdrop of our one of a kind dinosaur watering hole. Sleepy time fun for kids, their parents and their favorite stuffed friends.

“Fossil Rubbings”

Come and Go Activity From 6-7

Discover prehistoric Kansas – and take home a souvenir! Uncover fossils from the bottom of the ancient Western Interior Seaway – right here in the Sunflower State. Make rubbings of your discoveries to share with your friends and other scientists.

“Bones, Teeth, & Skulls”

Come and Go Activity From 6-7

Get a close-up, hands-on look at actual fossils and remarkable replicas. One of the Field Station’s expedition guides will be on hand to talk about triceratops’ horn, dinosaur eggs and Tyrannosaurus Rex’s tooth to name just a few. Tell everyone at home that you touched a dinosaur today!

“Goodnight T-Rex”

Begins at 7:15 Each Night

It’s time for the Mighty T-Rex to go nighty-night but he’s just not sleepy yet! What’s a dinosaur wrangler to do? Warm milk? Bedtime stories? Tranquilizer darts? Help us put a misbehaving dinosaur to bed at this funny, surprising show that starts with a bang and ends with a lullaby. The perfect end to your evening with the Dinosaurs.

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